Chaplain’s message

The purpose of South Texas Christian Academy is not only to provide a quality academic program, but also to nurture every student's spiritual journey towards Jesus Christ.

It is our hope, that as students mature academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually, they would be part of the World wide movement that eagerly awaits Jesus’ glorious second coming, while tirelessly working for the good of those around them.

Here at STCA we believe that every student has a higher calling besides getting to reach a good career. We strive to provide an environment where students think beyond the things that are temporal and focus on the things that are eternal.Therefore, we teach that life is not really about career, but about character; not really about status, but about service; not really about equity, but about eternity. That is why we take time to study the Bible in a class, to worship together as a church, to have personal conversations, to help out through community service, and most of all to inspire each student to find meaning in their lives through a committed and transformational relationship with Jesus, so that they would see themselves as instruments in His hands to reach a World in need and to take the gospel with them everywhere they go.