SWAU 2018 Film Challenge

South Texas Christian Academy won Best Editing movie at the 48 hour film challenge!! “Stranger by the Minute “
Congratulations to all participants!!


We had the best time with the 14 schools who participated in our annual #48hourfilmchallenge this weekend. Congratulations to the winners of the following categories. We will share a link to the videos as soon as they’re ready to be posted.
Thank you for being such wonderfully fun guests!

Ozark Academy Team II won Best Film “Desire & Deceit” – $2000 per student; $1000 dept. grant
Heritage Academy won Best Screen Play “Locked In” – $1500 per student; $750 dept. grant
Burton Academy Team II won Best Cinematography “Longhorn Killer” – $1000 per student”, $500 dept. grant
Alvarado Team II won Best Director “Strange Case”
Ozark Academy Team II won Best Actress “Desire & Deceit” (The Villain)
Heritage Academy won Best Actor “Locked In”
South Texas Christian Academy won Best Editing “Stranger by the Minute”
Burton Academy Team I won Best Use of Longhorns
Ozark Academy Team II won People’s Choice “Desire & Deceit”
Lodi Academy won Best Production Design “The Unspeakable”

Photos are being uploaded here: https://www.flickr.com/…/southwest…/albums/72157664980210077

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  • Loida / Reply

    Congratulations to the winners & to all participants. You are all awesome.

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